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Center for Research FUG


The Center for Research of  Federal University Gusau is a special unit of the university that primarily deals with initiating, promoting and dissemination of high profile researches in all areas of learning covered by the university. The Center aimed to established a strong link with other Research Centers in different parts of the world, especially those dealing with investigations related to Pure and Applied Sciences, Social and Management Sciences and Arts and Education.  The Center is currently Headed by Dr. Ahmad Galadima as the Director of Research. Its main objectives include the followings.
  1. To develop Research Groups that will be involved in carrying out research activities in areas of Pure and Applied Sciences, Social and Management Sciences, Arts and Education.

  2. To establish both local and international collaborations with “Research Institutions” in Nigeria and abroad.

  3. To organize workshops, seminars and conferences for research sharing and dissemination.

  4.  To conduct any other research activity that will promote the University’s ranking and ensure national and international development.

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